ABOUT  Conjure Wellness is owned and operated by Makenzie Flynn, a certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. Makenzie began practicing healing work soon after graduating from Temple University in 2013 which established the foundation for her pursuit of a career that would support the continuous spiritual growth of herself and others.


SERVICES  Makenzie works with the Universal Life Force Energy along with a combination of sound healing, crystal healing, aromatherapy, divination, and intuitively channeled information to deliver a unique and customized healing experience. Her goal is to help inspire her clients to reach their highest potential by empowering the mind, reviving the body, and uplifting the spirit. To read more about the selection of healing services available, or to schedule an appointment, please visit the Healing page.

PRODUCTS  Makenzie sources inspiration from the Earth and the Cosmos to create products that can be used as tools to facilitate the process of manifestation. Each of her products are handcrafted with special combinations of essential oils and crystals that are meant to assist the user in achieving a variety of different healing intentions. Visit the Online Shop to learn more about what is currently being offered.


Makenzie Flynn | Philadelphia, PA

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